Kraftquell & Therapiezentrum Black Pearl
"Durch die Stärken der Pferde die eigenen fördern!"

Why choosing a horse-guided coaching?

The CCC-Coaching at Black Pearl

Take Change as Challenge and Chance!

Effective leadership today requires a more collaborative and non-predatory style plus self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership presence!

 The training takes place in the Friesian Horse Stud Black Pearl.  

We are situated in the eastern part of Germany, between Leipzig and Dresden.

Quality breeding and selling best offspring is the basis of the stud but recently it appears more and more efficient to force working in the field of equine guided coaching and education for top management.

Our focus is on
training of communication abilities
development of personality
health management
 train the trainer or
 team building

create an enormous request for the acquainted abilities to be so important in a world that accelerates time rythm so quickly.

What is important to rise human ressources and to form our future managers?

The horse guided training can be held in different languages, such as german,
french, english, spanish, italian or dutch.

The conception of the training is specially made for participants without experience with horses.
The training & communication with the horse takes place on the ground, at eye level

Every character has different awareness and special kognitions of the trainee, so it is mostly the choice of the horse if it wants to work with you - depending on your empathy. Nevertheless you can choose your personal horse-coach out of 20 individuals.

... approaching means bending towards eachother - this is a body-language that the horse understands ...
... and so it does, if you do!

Our herds are not “educated” to follow men or to be ridden. They live in naturally kept herds of mares and stallions and are socialized by themselves on 140.000 m² land. 

Successful managers need a strong sense of how they are coming across to others.

Naturally kept horses provide unbiased, non-judgemental feedback to your appearance and body language – they present you a mirror of your authencity, reflected in your body language.

Some horse characteristicas such as
                                        100 % presence and awareness, strength, beauty and authenticity ...
who does not aim for that? Make these qualities becoming your own nature!

By it's emotional intelligence the horse coach helps you to fully integrate key components for taking natural leadership, self-confidence, authencity, self-control, empathy, ...

“Working with horses generates a paradigm of leadership and being so that followership arises naturally.” Lynn Baskfield.

It is always a personality training event. We offer f.ex.

-        to take leaders / managers and students to the next level
-        to form future managers, their appearance and their personality
-        as a problem solver in wicked human conflicts
-        as a special women training also for the business world
-        to come back to the roots by mental relaxation

Our focus is set on finding

  • your own personality
  • the power to change habits
  • ones own strengths and weaknesses and to correct them ...
  • just and only because you want to change!

The horse awakes this desire and gives you the power to do it!

We are deeply committed to helping people grow their self-awareness, leadership presence and emotional intelligence. The reflected actions are documentated and lateron discussed for transferring the learned effects to your every day situation.
So join our coaching and: Take Change as Challenge and Chance!

For companies, we also offer an annual contingent of various events and coachings, ranging from personal training to social work events or health management such as burn-out prevention, ...
Just contact us - we are happy to help you!

This video is a short impression of our horseguided training. It is still only the German version, but we hope you will nevertheless understand our message.

Join our C-C-C-Training!

We herewith invite you to spend some time looking around our websites through the links provided to find out what would be helpful for yourself, your staff or future managers.

In any case, we can furnish you with an appropriated program for manager or students, sport teams or business teams with different goals and emphasis ...  just find out what you need and contact us.

To get an idea of a 6-day program, click here.

Here you get an impression of a horse's day at the Friesian Horse Stud

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